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Courtesy Patrick D. Harper

"Harland Hand: the Artist as Gardener" (pdf)

by Pamela Harper

Reprinted by permission of Pacific Horticulture, Spring 1999, Vol 60, No. 1)

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Writer, photographer and lecturer. Pamela Harper met Harland Hand in 1976 and became one of his dearest friends. She wrote about his garden in various publications. Originally skeptical when she heard of his concrete garden, she recently wrote, I have never, elsewhere, experienced the excitement I felt when I first saw Harland's garden. Something utterly different from anything I'd seen before. Or since."

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Designing with Perennials:

Pamela Harper on the Hand garden as art:

Step-down Garden: This Half Acre Near San Francisco Contains Infinity

Text and Photographs by Pamela Harper

Reprinted by permission from Connoisseur, February 1987

Pamela Harper wrote to Marjory Harris, "Of all the articles that appeared, mine and others, Harland was proudest of this because he wanted, so desperately, to have his garden recognized as ART. I'll always be sad that that dream wasn't realised in his lifetime."


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